Many years ago I went to work at a fantastic and dynamic company called Broderbund Software. After leaving Broderbund in 1999 I found myself building websites in corporate America. Having done my tour of duty in the “dot-com” days, I decided to take the jump and become an independent contractor specializing in building websites for small and specialty purveyors.

My reputation speaks for itself. I’m an easy to work with partner in your endeavors. Nearly all of my clients continue to employee me part time to update and polish the edges of their Internet presence. Besides the basic building blocks of websites, I also offer services in promoting your brand thru search engine optimization and social networking.

When I’m not sitting in front of my computer, I enjoy hanging out with my husband, seventeen year-old son and two cats. I find solace in cutting up bits of fabric and sewing them all back together again (also known as quilting). I live in beautiful Petaluma, CA and love hanging out downtown.